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by Composite Cone

As I Drift 07:51



COMPOSITE CONE forms intermingled masses of techno combined with alternate layers of modular synthesis and fragmental electronica with his 'Herakleion' EP on Machine Label.

He drifts mercilessly on the seas of consensus reality, shipwrecked and splintered on the shoals of linear reason. He is blessed with an ear that hears beyond rhyme, fazing and ebbing across the tides; playing at shadows in a wide eyed dance with reason.. Such is the way with this wunderkind. Composite Cone bleeds through days in hibernation into the bliss of night where his machines abide him, offering up their algorithms like secrets from the vault of time. De-cypher this and I will give you the code. Crack the code and I give you the sound of the future.

Coming at you from a backyard in the wilds of suburban Melbourne, Composite Cone unleashes the pent up experiences of an artist on a self avowed mission to wipe the slate clean. Scoured with ammonia and drenching in sweat in the way of the ascetic in search of redemption. He has found it in the whitewash of the alias of Composite Cone.

Related to Mantovani, where something from the bloodline broods and carries on in a stark and twisted relief. Inspired by Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and a less than easy life, burnt by the scourge of the psyches conflict with reality, riddles and tests and twists and turning around into a scything new sonic freedom. His sound is the narrative of his experience, "disorganised but chaos prevails". Intelligent, brilliant, layered, complex and compelling.

1. The Corroded Statue Disintegrates Slowly
Brooding with an ambience that would sit easily with masterworks of the electronic touchstones. Stuttering with an ambivalence that doesn’t care. Claps in sharp relief to the tonal wash of a beautiful mesmerizing bass melody. Here is music of an artful quality, compelling in the way of a dream. A must have for those who care about the way sound sounds.

2. As I Drift
Taking up where the title leaves off. Picking up pace with a litany of beats and drifting, lilting synth lines. Sparks from the forge, cascading, sauntering in and out of focus. Layers within layers. Somewhere a battle is waged with a brittle thin vocal, distorted like a radio voice caught from a fragment of time, scattered like ashes, guttural, willing. Beware the robot is coming...

3.. Raising The K-141 Kursk
The beats have gone beast mode. Vaulting over one another in a fight to breach the sequence. Here we’ve hit the dance floor, albeit one in which chaos is friend and syncopation is the language of the familiar. Hits, claps and one shots punctuate and slingshot the ear through the soundscape of the cybernaughts running riot in an Atari wonderland.

4. Water Bored (Bandcamp Bonus)


released April 10, 2017

Written & Produced by Composite Cone (1,2,3,4) & Steven Klapinos (2)
Mastered by Simon Polinski
Cover Design by Alejandra Diaz

(c) Machine Label 2017


all rights reserved



Machine Label Australia

Machine is the Australian based label for deep hypnotic futuristic techno music.
Established in 2010

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