Juan Tellez / Lateral

by Juan Tellez / Lateral




Two of Melbourne's leading lights Lateral and Juan Tellez, both of who have enjoyed support from shores far beyond Australia’s front up in collab mode. Here they riff off one another in true: you make it I’ll rip it explosion of talent. Machine Label is made ever stronger by these artists and we thank them.

Juan Tellez - Acid Sunshine
Machine guns and pitfalls. Acid tricks and sunburns. Love taps quick release, pitter-patter feet over the rise. Somewhere a dawn, somewhere a disco dorm. The new frat house, spilling forth, sulphuric and destined to strip the syrup from the sauce.

Juan Tellez - Acid Sunshine (Lateral Remix)
Dropping down a gear to improve torque is one of the most counter intuitive moves, but when in a race for survival it is the ultimate counter punch. Siphon off into a vacuum, allow the competition to stutter and stagger forward, let them think that their beasts and growls and midnight peaks will drag them over the line, and then and only then, drop it and release

Lateral - Atium (Original Mix)
When one enters the cave the experience is at first defined by the self referential circle of light, the link to the extant “real world”. All senses are lost when the circle of light is gone. Hopes become dreams become memory. What was is, an interplay of chemical and synapse, no more “real” than any other combination of word or sound. And so in this fog we await the screaming swarm of bats. That is the dance-script of our day, forerunner to the endless night.

Lateral - Atium (Juan Tellez Remix)
Can’t see the echo, can’t hear the text, can’t buy what’s not for sale, can’t sell that which isn’t commodified. Brandy snap, base trap. Siren sound, makeshift veil, softens softens, soft and sings. I can’t see it but I am suffused with it, for having heard that which I cannot buy


released May 27, 2019

Mastered by Simon Polinski

(C) Machine 2019


all rights reserved



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