Natural Process

by The Black Moy




Natural Process 01
15 minute epic journey through brooding basal tones, into melodic refrains reflective of what we used to love about trance. Cycling, simple notes, repeating…mesmerising. Then the rise into drums and hats and we're off…This is a night starter, a midnight encounter or a "send them on their way" closer. Massive tune.

Natural Process 02
If version one is about laying foundations, then this version is about lifting off! Massive Black Moy kick drum with oscillating baseline providing enormous drive. Ethereal female robot voice, somehow subjugating the power of this track with something seductive and sensual. The blend is mind bending.

Natural Process 03
And this is the piece of work the 3am dj's were expecting. Everything goes up a notch. Resounding reverb, big room swirling sounds, rhythmic vocal chop outs, timely drop outs, breakdowns and buildups. Then theres the bass up around head height, punctuated by the drum's. Suddenly we're lost in a billowing cloud of "going off".


released November 5, 2015

Written & Produced by Marc Chapard

Cover deign by Alejandra Diaz
(c) Machine 2015


all rights reserved



Machine Label Australia

Machine is the Australian based label for deep hypnotic futuristic techno music.
Established in 2010

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